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Torn Apart

Dear Joe,

Just call me Rika I have been in a relationship with Michael for three years now. His work is really competitive and tiring so I make sure I’m always there for him.

We spent college together and what started out as friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance. My friends say the two of us are living proof that a loving, lasting relationship is still possible exist int has modern day and age.

Michael is very much into theater. He’s great at it and everybody knows it. He’s now being eyed for a major lead in this coming season. He spends his weekends and free time rehearsing for their upcoming play. I guess I’m more supportive of his job than with his acting. To be honest Joe, I don’t enjoy seeing those giggly girls swooning over him.

Weeks ago, I bumped into a car near a bookstore where I was negotiating to sell tickets for Michael’s play. The driver turned out to be Oliver, who was my first high school crush. One He was the I was so hooked on for years, but he never courted me or gave any hint that he liked me.

Anyway, he offered to treat me to lunch and I said yes. I knew he made it to another university’s varsity team. Michael and I would their games and I would silently cheer for him, even though we belonged to a rival team.

I never dared contact him, embarassed as I was by what I used to do way back when I was head over heels for him. Sitting across from him in the restaurant, He complimented me on how beautiful I’ve become. Joe, I felt uneasy becauseI I cannot deny that there was this kind electricity that naturally flowed between us.

Joe I didn’t want to hide anything from Michael so I told him about the incident that led to our lunch meeting. He was never the jealous type. Michael just listened when I told him how I admired Oliver’s physique and his well tones muscles. I don’t why I told him just but somehow I was just excited seeing him again.

While I was waiting for Michael’s call one night, the phone rang. But It turned out to be Oliver. We got carried away and talked until 6am and I completely forgot about Michael. Joe , Oliver finally revealed that he liked me all along.

Lately, I have been feeling that Michael is taking me for granted. Being always tied down with his work, I started to accept Olivers invitations to go out. I’d would call try to Michael just to get my mind off Oliver, but he’d tell me he’s in a meeting or he needs to rush to his theater practice after work specially now that his play opens in a few weeks.

I want to stay with Michael because he’s a good man and I love him very much. But I think I am beginning to have deep feelings for Oliver. He just makes me feel different inside. We are like more than friends but less than lovers. And Joe, Oliver is now asking me if he could officially court me, but I know that is not possible because Michael is still in the picture.

I remember what Michael once told me. He said that even if guys were swarming around me no one can take his place if I won’t allow them to.

Joe, my hearts is torn and confused. These are two wonderful individuals. Oliver’s waiting for my answer and Michael is putting all his trust in me. Is is really possible to be in love with two people at the same time ? Who do you think I should choose? I’ll be waiting for your reply before it’s too late.

All the best,


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