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Gone Too Soon

My name’s Carrie. I always used to wonder what the letter senders feel when they send their letters to you. You see, I had never been in love, at least not until my last year of college. And that’s how my story begins…

One day as I was rushing to get to class on time I bumped into this guy. It was a typical embarrassing and irritating incident. My papers went flying all over the place and I was in such a panic that I hardly noticed that the guy was helping me pick up the mess. I hurriedly said thank you and rushed off to class. I never gave that incident a second thought.

A month after that, I was assigned to be part of the production team that was in charge of the annual pageant for the whole university.

One day, during our rehearsal, a good-looking guy joined us. He looked so familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I had met him. All the girls were talking about him because he was so good-looking, and I myself couldn’t help but throw stolen glances his way. During the break, he smiled, walked up to me and asked, “Is there anything you need me to pick up for you?” And that’s when it hit me, Joe. Matt was the guy I had bumped into that day. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t paid attention to such a good-looking guy.

Matt and I started going out and really got to know each other well. On The night of the pageant, just before he went on stage, he gave me a kiss and asked me to wait for him after the show. As it turned out, Joe he won the crown. He took me out for dinner and finally confessed that he had fallen for me. He told me that the only reason he had joined the contest was because he had found out that I was part of the production team.

Jo, e Matt and I became a “couple” . I finally experienced how it was to love and be loved. He always made me feel as if I was the most important person in his life. Being with him was the closest thing to heaven I had ever felt.

On the night of our sixth monthsary, just days away from both our graduation days, he told me that he had planned something special . I was so excited and even bought a new dress for the occasion. He was so handsome that night Joe. He drove me outside the city to a romantic dinner he pre arranged.. We danced beneath the stars for what seemed like hours, with him holding me close in his arms. I just wanted time to stop and wished that moment would never end. He looked at me solemnly in the eyes as reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it and showed me the most beautiful ring that I had ever seen. and With his charming smile he asked me to marry him.

He said.I love you Carrie and I want to spend all my life with you. Joe, I said yes with tears of joy running down my cheeks . that was the happiest moment of my life.

. It was already late but he was so happy and excited . He didn’t want to wait for the next day so insisted to drive me home so we could announce it to my parents.

We were on our way back to the Manila when a speeding car steered to our lane. Joe, I can still remember the horrible jolt I felt when it hit us. Matt had had no time to swerve to avoid it. Instead he threw himself on top of me to protect me. I heard the sound of glass breaking, the screeching of tires and the sound of metal hitting metal. Then there was silence. I was a bit disoriented until I saw the gap in the windshield. I had been lucky because I had put on my seatbelt, plus the fact that Matt had used his body to shield me. But Matt wasn’t wearing his seatbelt . The impact had thrown him through the windshield. I rushed outside and knelt beside his broken body. He was still breathing but I could tell he was hurt real bad. I cradled his head on my lap and begged him not to leave me, to fight for his life, and for our love. I tried hard to fight the tears, but they still came, running down my cheeks washing away the blood on his face. I could feel him shuddering as the pain became too great to bear and before his beautiful eyes closed for the last time, he whispered that he loved me.

Joe, I can’t describe the pain I felt. I don’t know how long I sat there in the middle of the road, cradling his lifeless body. I was vaguely aware of cars stopping and people asking me questions, all I cared about was holding the body of the man I loved, the man I had promised only a few hours ago, I would marry and spend forever with. How is wish I was just dreaming .that all of it was not real, that I would wake up and see him alive.

How could God be so cruel, to take away the one person I cared about? I wanted to rally against Him for cutting short the life of such a beautiful person, but I knew that it wasn’t fair. I knew God had a reason for taking Matt away from me, but it still hurts.

Joe I’ve graduated from college and now work for an advertising firm, but I still haven’t forgotten that day I held Matt in my arms . I still think of him a lot. I still wear his ring and pray that one day we will see each other again. I learned that the driver of the other car was a 16 year-old who went on a drunken joyride.

I’m writing this letter to you Joe, because I want to share my story with others. It is a beautiful story with a sad ending. Matt’s life was abruptly cut short because someone thought drinking and driving was fun. I guess I’m a bit bitter because Matt had so many dreams, and now those are all they y would ever be

I still blame myself for not asking Matt to wear his seatbelt that night. I keep asking myself “what if”? What if he had worn his seatbelt, what if the driver in the other car hadn’t been drinking, what if we had waited till morning to leave, would Matt still be alive?

I have So many questions, but none of them can change the way things are now. Matt is gone , and he took with him my heart. Joe, how do you say goodbye to someone who you loved so much? Where do I go from here?how do I move on ? Joe, this letter is for Matt, the man I loved so much and will continue to love until my very last breath.

Still in disbelief ,


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