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Help me I'm falling

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Dear Joe ,

Writing this is so surreal it actually sent me shivers.

Needless to say , I have been a fan since before I could drive a car, which is about 27 years ago. And I know you’ve probably heard this a million times but, I really do miss you and this show.

Anyway, I just finished watching “The Distance Between Us” episode and that story just hit me in so many ways. I just felt that I needed to write and share this with you and your viewers.

You see, I could relate to the story of Grace. I have been married for 17 years to a very loving husband, and he has given me two wonderful sons who make me prouder by the minute.

I could be considered a religious person, but I have to admit that I still have a lot of weaknesses that I need to work on. I do recognize, however, that my strength comes from the Lord, and this is the kind of faith I wish to pass on to my children.

My family life is very stable. We have had our share of critical challenges, but all in all, we are really doing well. There is absolutely no reason, small nor big, for me to even think about leaving my family, or my husband for that matter.

This story started when we had a high school reunion not so long ago. People in my past whom I didn’t even consider to be friends back then became really close to me, because we spent so much time during the preparations leading to the main event. That’s when JP and I became close. A few of us from the reunion remained really good friends.We continued seeing each other regularly and I’m always happy when I’m with them . We have been through a lot already and have actually considered each other family.

I have known JP since childhood but we only became really close after the reunion. I don’t know Joe but I started to develop feelings for him He is a single dad, but his dating life is, I should say, very active, yet very private. When we’re alone together, he seems to be confiding in me a lot. He even became close to my husband and my children. So I could not really say this was flirting, because he may really be in need of a friend during that time. It felt like he needed someone whom he does not have to impress, only confide in and not judge him.

I prayed about this so many times, because started to feel confused about how I felt for him. I know it is not right. The guilt that came with it, even if they were only in my thoughts, was becoming a burden, because I knew that I should also guard my heart.

Even my children noticed how perky I get when I tell them that Tito JP is coming over. Even my husband teases me about it! Sure, we joke about it at home but it really feels like the more I fight this because I know it is wrong, the more intense my feelings become. It’s been going on for three years, and we don’t even talk or see each other that often, especially when the pandemic started.

Since I have always turned to God for everything in my

life, He has opened an opportunity for me to work abroad. Circumstances in my life and my family have led to this decision, but I do believe that it’s also God’s way of protecting me and preventing me from doing something I would painfully regret if I followed my heart.

This doesn’t lessen my feelings for JP, though. And it’s not a guarantee that when he visits me there, I wouldn’t give in. But maybe this is God’s way of leading me to a better path. And all I have to do is obey.

I just wanted to share my story because sometimes, there really is no rhyme nor reason, when faced with this kind of temptation. I still love my husband very much. My husband is the best husband I could ever have, yet I still find myself falling helplessly for another man. I just could not explain it. And it does not seem to go away, even when I deny, hide, or fight it. Please pray for me, and for everyone out there who may find themselves in the same situation.

Finally, I would like to share this verse:

“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

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